WorkCamp at Banpuri

For Sangli district in Maharashtra, year 2019 would be remembered for floods in some parts and drought conditions in the other parts of the district. While some of the talukas were submerged in the water and animals were dying due to floods, animals in talukas like Jatt and Aatpadi were dying due to dehydration. Hundreds of drought relief camps were in operation for animals in Jatt and Aatpadi in rainy season. Blue cross welfare foundation decided to work for relief of animals in flood affected areas and drought suffering areas as well. To save animals in drought, it was necessary to impart basic training to farmers, besides giving timely nutritious feed and fodder, water with medicines to animals as per their need. On 21 august 2019, the camp was organised at Banpuri taluka Aatpadi by graduate veterinarians on their own and offered their services for welfare of farmers in distress. Senior vets retired from higher posts in government department and young vets newly recruited joined hand and carried out plantation in Banpuri area with determination to end recurring drought in the area. Clinical examination with treatment of animals with plantation program was also arranged in the camp. Speaking on this occasion for enlightenment of farmers the chairman of the Blue cross foundation Dr. Vyankatrao Ghorpade said that every person is a constituent member of society and has to be responsible in repaying the nature by taking every possible care of the natural ecosystems. Dr. Mahadev Gavali, Dr. Babasaheb Gunjate, Dr. Raosaheb Chaugule and Dr. Pravin Jadhav with their team carried out 15 major and 28 minor operations to relieve animals in distress. Total 220 out of 535 animals in drought relief camp were examined for infertility, 170 animals for pregnancy diagnosis, de-worming of 230 animals and minor treatments for 75 animals. Dr. Gaurwadkar, Dr. Dhage, Dr. Premchand Patil, Dr. Dhanaji Patil, Dr. Laxman Gadhave, Dr. Ashok More and Dr. Raut participated in this work. In the success of camp, Shri Laxman Sargar, Vijay Sanger, Dattatraya Patil, Hanumant Yamger, Tanaji Gaikwad, cycle club and Dr. Avinash Chavan offered their services. Dr. Gopal Bhise expressed vote of thanks on behalf of foundation to all those who attended the camp. The camp which was arranged as a social commitment, offered free diagnosis, treatment and operations for various animal diseases served to give relief to animals and farmers in distress.


Technical Seminar

On behalf of our foundation we organized one day Technical seminar on 18th November 2018 in Sangli for veterinarians and students from western Maharashtra. The main intention of the technical seminar was to provide a key information and knowledge on different topics in the field of Animal husbandry. We invited eminent speakers related to the field of animal husbandry across all over Maharashtra. On the first technical seminar itself we have got overwhelming response from around 146 participants from Western Maharashtra. In the first half of the session Dr. Ajeet Sharma, Marketing Manager, Virbac Animal Health India Pvt. Ltd. provided very thoughtful information on the topic of ‘Mastitis & Thelitis in Buffalo’. In the second seminar Dr. Rajendra Velankar, Ex. Associate Professor from Bombay Veterinary College enlighten participants on topic “Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Dogs”. The second half of the session started with ‘Zoonotic Diseases – Role of Veterinarians’ from Dr. Abdul Samad, PhD Canada Ex. Associate Dean BVC & Dean D.I. MAFSU Nagpur. And the day of technical seminar was ended with final presentation from Dr. Dhananjay Pawalkar, Associate Professor from Bombay Veterinary College, on the topic of ‘Blood Transfusion in Ruminanats’. The feedback from participants was encouraging and we are looking forward to arrange similar seminars to enlighten the latest knowledge in the field of animal husbandry for the veterinarians and students.